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Directive to members at MCAST on 4th sits

June 27, 2016 at 11:36 am

Directive to members at MCAST on 4th sits

The MUT wrote to the MCAST Principal after being informed by various members about a recent decision to introduce a 4th sit for students who fail their units. This 4th sit will apparently be carried out in September. The Union stated that it is in total disagreement with this initiative because from a professional point of view this undermines the credibility of MCAST as a serious accreditation institution. It will also have a ripple effect as it undermines the quality of the qualifications and the work done by lecturers. The Union also added that from a trade union point of view, this adds extra burden on our members.

The Union is therefore directing all its members at MCAST to refrain from carrying out any work related to 4th sits until such time as an agreement is reached on this issue.

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