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Slide1For.U.M. – The Forum Union Maltin is a confederation of Maltese Unions which was established in 2004. The confederation immediately started contributing on a national scale when it was involved in discussions with the Maltese Government and other Unions on a way forward to reach an agreement on the social pact. The Malta Union of Teachers joined the confederation in 2008 and is the largest Union in For.U.M.

Today the For.U.M. has eleven Union affiliates with a total membership of 12,000 workers from different professions and spheres. The Unions affiliated in For.U.M are AAE, ALPA, EPOU, MUMN, MUT, UCC, UHBC, UMASA, UPAP, UPISP, and UTAC. They represent workers from all the spectrum of the Maltese society. The confederation participates actively in all national debates and activities that concern the conditions and right of workers and their families.


Slide2Education International, EI – The Malta Union of Teachers is a member of the EI, established on 26th January 1993 as an amalgation of the WCOTP, the World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession, and the IFFTU, the International Federation of Free Teachers Unions.

The declared aims of the EI include furthering the cause of organizations of teachers and education employees, promoting their status, interests and welfare, and defending their trade union and professional rights.

Moreover, the EI plays a key role in coordinating vocational and professional development projects in the thirld world countries and in Eastern and Central Europe. Because of the urgent need for such projects and because of the limited resources, it is of vital importance that the projects support each other rather than duplicate the efforts.

Slide3 The EI organization is divided into 5 regions: Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America, North America with the Caribbean and Europe. The European region, of which the Malta Union of Teachers is a member, is named EIE, the Education International Europe.

European Trade Union Committee for Education, ETUCE – The Malta Union of Teachers is a member of the ETUCE which was established in 1981 in Brussels as a trade secretariat of the teachers organizations under the European Trade Union Committee, or the ETUC. The ETUC represents almost 3 million teachers in Europe and has the right to see members of the EU institutions and the Council of Europe.

EIE and ETUCE have common interests and therefore continuous cooperation is necessary to avoid duplication of activities.