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The Delegates are the Union’s representatives at schools and other educational institutions. Their role varies and very often Delegates organize members at the workplace, provide direction to members and aid communication with Union Officials. The Delegate’s role may also include participation in agreements in case of independent schools or post secondary institutions. The Union constantly encourages workplaces to elect a delegate and preferably an MUT committee to provide direct assistance to members. The Union provides ongoing support to delegates and committee members. Union Officials hold regular meetings with delegates and committee members and carry out regular school visits to tackle specific issues that are raised. The MUT organizes regular training for delegates and committee members and encourages all members to participate actively in the structures of the Union at the workplace.

Elect your MUT Delegate and Committee now!

The procedures for electing MUT Delegates and MUT Committees at the workplace are included in the MUT Code of Rules clause 54 (page 16). Click here to access it. Any member/s interested in becoming a Delegate can contact a Union Official for guidance.