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the teacher 2First published in March 1920, The Teacher was produced in various formats since the Union’s inception. It carried news and articles about educational, cultural and trade-unionistic matters. The last version of the publication was issued twice yearly as a bi-lingual magazine until it was discontinued in April 2013.

The vision of the founder members of the MUT was clearly that of establishing a union organized on a professional basis. In fact, one of the first initiatives was that of establishing a strong link with the general membership through the publication of a magazine The Teacher. This magazine is still effectively the oldest trade-unionistic publication in Malta and through it, educators have been kept abreast of developments in education and made aware of the challenges that the teaching profession has had to face over the years. It is now superseded by regular electronic newsletters sent to MUT members in a more timely and cost-effective manner, and by the research-based publication The Educator.

However, The Teacher magazine shall retain its place not just in the Union’s history but also in the story of education and that of trade-unionism in Malta. Its very important role throughout its 93 years in pushing forward relevant issues and discussions is undisputed.