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saghtarIn January 1976 the MUT formally took charge of Sagħtar, a children’s monthly magazine that the MQL (Moviment Qawmien Letterarju) had started to publish 5 years earlier. Sagħtar was then printed for 44 years, until 2015, and proved to be a perennial favourite with local students in all State, Church and Independent Schools. Sagħtar has published occasional issues like the one to coincide with Pope John Paul II’s first visit to Malta, a special edition of which 30,000 copies were printed.

Sagħtar was a Maltese magazine published by MUT Publications Ltd. Published monthly during the scholastic year (October to May), its content ranged from information regarding current local and international topics, to Maltese literature segments and other entertaining information and snippets. Many Maltese schools use Sagħtar as part of a Maltese lesson. Indeed it is used both to encourage students to read Maltese, and to teach students about certain topics which may be featured in that particular edition.

Aware of the responsibilities of having and producing a publication like Sagħtar entails, the MUT decided to stop the current printed version of Sagħtar until a decision is taken on its future.