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In 2019 the MUT launched two new services for members who experience aggressive behaviour in schools. These are as follows:

(1) Emergency SMS for Aggressive Behaviour

The first is an SMS emergency line for members to report aggressive behaviour and receive the appropriate assistance. The mobile number is 7921 3379 and should be used as follows:

– send an SMS with your name, ID or membership number only and the MUT will get back;
– it will be operative during MUT working hours, which covers all school hours when such behaviour might happen;
– for the service to be effective, please use it in cases of aggression only.

Last but not least, this service is not intended to replace any policies, regulations or laws on reporting to superiors or the Police but it is there for members who require support in navigating the system.

(2) Psycho-therapeutic Support

The MUT has also launched a completely new Psycho-therapeutic Support Service for members and is now at a stage that it can accept appointments. Members who require this service should speak to one of the officials through the usual channels in order to identify the need for this service and be referred to the psychotherapist engaged by the Union.