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All Union members are invited to the MUT Facebook Group and to participate in the on-going discussions of this popular chat platform. In order to be accepted in the group, please send your group request through Facebook followed by an email to with your Facebook screen name along with your MUT membership number and/or your ID number.

Meanwhile, the following is the policy by the MUT.

MUT’s Facebook Engagement Policy

This policy presents clear guidelines to group members and prospective group members of the MUT’s Facebook group.

It must be clarified that being a member of the MUT Facebook group does not necessarily imply being member of the MUT. Similarly being a member of the MUT does not necessarily imply being a member of the MUT Facebook group.

Terms used:
‘MUT’ refers to the Malta Union of Teachers
‘MUT member’ refers to a member of the Malta Union of Teachers
‘group’ refers to the MUT Facebook group
‘group member’ refers to a member of the MUT Facebook group
‘group administrators’ refer to MUT officials who administer the group

– The MUT reserves the right to change the nature of the group including its name, description and aims at any time.

– The MUT Facebook group is open to all MUT members.

– Any MUT member can request approval to join the group.

– Request for approval to join the group will be processed by group administrators.

– All group members can add new members to the group. These are subject to approval by group administrators.

– The MUT reserves the right to refuse group membership or terminate membership for reasons laid down in these guidelines.

– All group members can post on the wall of the group but cannot share external content. These posts are considered as public.

– The MUT reserves the right to terminate group membership and/or remove postings that are:
—– Unrelated to the teaching professions or the education field
—– Abusive, defamatory or obscene
—– Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading
—– In violation of the teachers’ code of ethics
—– In violation of the MUT statute
—– In violation of another‘s intellectual property right
—– In violation of any law or regulation
—– Intended to create undue disputes
—– Of a political nature
—– Of a commercial nature
—– Otherwise offensive

– The views, opinions and experiences expressed by group members are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the MUT.

– The MUT may take any action stipulated by Law in cases of misuse or abuse of the services provided through this group.

– The MUT will respond to queries of a generic nature at the earliest and may do so by posting on the wall or by contacting the group member who posted the query directly or through other means.

– The MUT will not reply to any personal queries posted through this group. Group members are requested to send their queries through email addresses of MUT officials provided in the main page.