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Union Officials (MUT Council 2014-2017)*

President: Kevin Bonello
General Secretary: Franklin Barbara
Senior Vice President: Marco Bonnici
Vice President: Norman Grech
Treasurer: James Sultana
International Secretary: Anthony Casaru
Assistant General Secretary: Tracy Spiteri Staines
Gender Equality Officer: Rita Catania
Research Officer: Randall Cilia
IT Officer: Lorna Schembri
Membership Officer: Dirk Muscat
Vocational & Education Officer: Ted Darmanin
Retired Members Officer: vacant

Other members:
VELLA Christopher, MINTOFF Claudette, DIMECH Carmen, BORG Louis, CUCCIARDI Mario, OLIVARI SALIBA Melanie, DEBONO George, GERMANI Elaine, CEFAI MaryRose, HOUSLEY Marlene, ROSSI David.

Representing the MUT Youth Section:
ZAHRA Gilbert, MUSCAT Dirk


MUT Presidents and General Secretaries

IMG_0273The MUT had twelve presidents and eight full-time general secretaries since its foundation in 1919:

Joseph Giordano: 1919-1920;1925-1926
Rogantino Cachia: 1920-1921; 1922-1924; 1927-1936
Nazzareno Pisani: 1937
Anthony Cachia: 1938-1942
Francis X. Mangion: 1943-1946
Emanuel Tonna: 1947-1948
Alfred Buhagiar: 1949-1962
Evarist Saliba: 1962-1963
Abel Giglio: 1963-1974
Alfred J. Buhagiar: 1974-1996
John M. Bencini: 1996-2011
Kevin Bonello: 2011- 2017

General Secretaries:
Victor deDomenico: 1950-1951
Francis Fenech: 1951-1953
Joseph Madiona: 1954-1956
Joseph Wismayer: 1956-1959
Alfred Baldacchino: 1959-1960
Alphonse M. Farrugia: 1961-1991
Joseph Degiovanni: 1991-2007
Franklin Barbara: 2007- (current)

* This page will be updated with the 2017-2020 MUT Officials & Council members list once the 2017 MUT Election results are published.