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The MUT and Saint James Hospital Group are glad to announce a 10% discount for MUT members on hospital/clinic fees (e.g. on hospital accommodation fees and operating theatre fees excluding doctors’ fees) at the Saint James Capua Hospital (Sliema), Saint James Hospital (Zejtun), Saint James Clinic (Burmarrad) and Saint James Eye Clinic (B’Kara).

A list of packages with special prices for MUT members is also being included HERE and HERE.

In order to benefit from this agreement an MUT members is required to present their MUT Membership Card at the hospital/clinic reception desk prior to settlement of fees and the relevant benefits will apply. Failure to provide the card before payment is affected will result in the forfeiture of the relevant benefits and no requests for refunds will be accepted at a later date.

The duration of this agreement will be until the end of July 2024.

N.B. Discount is not applicable:

  • on the outpatient clinic fee
  • on reduced / discounted prices
  • in conjunction with any ongoing offers
  • on special package prices
  • on professional fees
  • on health insurance cover
  • on cosmetic surgery interventions
  • on laboratory fees

For any clarifications and/or queries, members are welcome to contact the Union through the usual channels.