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Directive to members at Għarb Primary on Deployment

June 27, 2016 at 11:51 am

Directive to members at Għarb Primary on Deployment

The MUT wrote to the Permanent Secretary at MEDE on behalf of members who served at Għarb Primary during the last scholastic year. The Union stated that it has been informed that it appears that a decision has been taken for most of the teachers at this school to be transferred without any reason whatsoever. The MUT finds the situation – i.e. educators transferred to other schools without any valid reason – as unacceptable, especially in the light that the Union has been asking the DES to provide it with a copy of the recommendations of the inquiry carried out at the school for the last couple of months and this was never provided.

In this light, the MUT is directing all its members at Għarb Primary to ignore the deployment notifications they received until such time as these are discussed on a one-to-one basis and a way forward is found. The MUT stated that it cannot accept that third parties outside schools decide who is to stay and who is not within State Schools, as appears to be the case in this situation. The Union concluded that it does not exclude escalating this matter since in its opinion this mass transfer is abusive and might also be applied to other schools if left unchecked.

In a reply, the Permanent Secretary stated that he will be discussing the matter with colleagues and revert back.

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