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Update for Educators on Current Practices from Home

March 17, 2020 at 10:51 am

Update for Educators on Current Practices from Home

Following the closure of schools, the MUT notes that educators across the country took the initiative to prepare, share and communicate educational material with their students, particularly through the official iLearn virtual learning environment in state schools, which was already in use before the COVID-19 situation, and other platforms. The MUT stands proud that as educators we have shown once more that our professionalism is not just an abstract concept but something that we experience everyday. The MUT trusts that educators are doing what they deem best in the circumstances. Each educator knows their students best, and they are the experts who should decide what is best in their current situation and within the ethical parameters of the profession.

In spite of this, the MUT has received reports that contradicts the above, which has been the basis of the discussions between the MUT and respective employers. In fact, some educators have been erroneously instructed to give online appointments to do lessons individually, to keep the school time-table routine, to have online video calls with students or to record videos for students to have ‘normal’ lessons. Please note that educators should not be expected to do this and any pressure should be reported immediately to the MUT through the usual channels.

The MUT thanks the thousands of educators for their support. As already stated, as educators we must be supportive and united to overcome this situation while we take all the necessary precautions in the circumstances. The MUT will continue to monitor the situation and help educators accordingly.

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