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The Sectoral Agreement does not mention transfer parameters

July 8, 2015 at 10:00 am

The Sectoral Agreement does not mention transfer parameters

The MUT has written to the Head of School at Victoria Middle School after it was informed by members that in a meeting she apparently declared that requests for more teachers at the school are being held or jeopardised by the MUT. The Union stated that this completely untrue as the MUT does not interfere in the deployment exercise done by the DES in any time except when members involved request the Union to do so on humanitarian grounds and/or in deployments which result as dubious. The Union therefore asked for clarification.

In a reply, the Head of School stated that she explained to the staff that if teachers are not fully loaded with 24/25 lessons or if particular teachers have not applied for transfer from one school to another, the school is not able to get more teachers for the MUT-Government agreement does not allow for their transfer.

To this, the MUT stated that the Sectoral Agreement stipulates the maximum load but it does not dictate the minimum. The agreement also does not mention transfers or impede the DES from transferring teachers to any school. The Union stated that it is at the discretion of the DES whether or not to transfer teachers to this school or indeed to any other school, depending on exigencies and the general situation in the case of Gozo. In fact neither the Union nor the Sectoral Agreement impedes justified transfers as decided by the HRD within the DES. The MUT concluded by stating that if the school submitted a request for more teachers it is up to the DES – the HRD in particular – to decide depending on justifications made. The fact that any request has not been considered should not be blamed on the MUT or the agreement but on the shortcomings of the request, if any.

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