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Issuing of health protocols – Mikiel Anton Vassalli College

September 7, 2020 at 12:51 pm

Issuing of health protocols – Mikiel Anton Vassalli College

The MUT wrote to the Ministry as it is concerned that schools within Mikiel Anton Vassalli College still do not have health protocols issued. The logistics and operations of these schools require the protocols in order to be discussed. In a reply, the Ministry stated that these protocols are being finalised.

The MUT would like to reiterate that discussions on how schools are going to operate, whether they open physically or not, must be based on these protocols by the health authorities. The fact that these protocols are being issued in September instead of being issued months ago, and in some cases they are still not even published, is deplorable. This is causing anxiety in the education sector, with educators rightfully expecting to be informed about the implementation about how everything is going to work and have peace of mind that employers have taken enough measures to protect educators and students. The MUT is still currently conducting multitude of meetings with different employers in relation to this and will continue informing members in the meetings being set up for next week.

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