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Initial reaction to judicial protest media reports

September 28, 2020 at 2:15 pm

Initial reaction to judicial protest media reports

In relation to the judicial protest filed by a parent against the MUT, the union is issuing this as an initial reaction. It is to be noted, however, that the MUT has not received the said judicial protest so it is reacting only on media reports. This reaction is without prejudice to the reaction to be issued once the judicial protest is received by the MUT.

These are the facts pertinent to what was reported in sections of the media:

– The decision of the postponement and staggering of student intake has been decided and communicated by the Ministry for Education and Employment. Following this, the MUT welcomed this decision.

– Being the recognised union, the MUT has communicated with respective independent schools and church schools. Quoting from the communication sent to each school “The union is requesting that your respective school/s adopts the principles announced by government”.

– The MUT communicated separately and collectively with independent schools and has not imposed any decision.

– Respective schools communicated their arrangements with the MUT and the Union was satisfied with them.

– To this effect the MUT has not issued any direction to members and it has no dispute with any independent school.

– The MUT carried out its duties to safeguard the health and safety of educators, students and families through social dialogue with the authorities and employers. The MUT acknowledges that the current situation nationally is very particular, and every argument was made responsibly and within reason following valid feedback, information and questions raised by MUT members.

– With regards to online learning, the MUT has been very clear from the beginning of the pandemic last March, and through a working group with employers, including those of independent schools, it agreed to online learning parameters. The Union has even issued a clarification earlier this month HERE.

In conclusion, the MUT would like to reiterate that the common interest at this stage has been that of safeguarding the health and safety of all concerned and to have all educators fully prepared before students start their scholastic year physically.

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