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FOCUS GROUPS – Request for members’ professional feedback in Focus Groups

February 18, 2016 at 4:00 pm

FOCUS GROUPS – Request for members’ professional feedback in Focus Groups

The MUT is collaborating with the MEDE in a working group entitled Post-Secondary Evaluation Working Group. The idea of this working group is to evaluate the situation in the post secondary sector and put forward recommendations accordingly. In a decision taken in the last meeting, the MUT has decided to collaborate in the setting up of focus groups so as to evaluate feedback from educators on the subject at hand. Researchers in the working group have already held sessions in post secondary institutions but the idea of the new focus groups is to listen to the feedback that may be given by teachers in the secondary and the primary sector, given that any decision concerning the post secondary will eventually ripple down to the junior sectors.

The organiser of these focus groups is Dr Claire Felice Pace, who is also the Working Group secretary. The first focus group will take place on Wednesday 25th at St Martin’s College at 1pm (which is in Swatar very near to Mater Dei hospital). Other focus groups will be organised accordingly. All members who would like to participate or are requesting more details are kindly asked to contact Dr Felice Pace on Persons willing to participate in the focus groups are kindly asked to indicate whether they need a release permit to be able to attend since the time might be during school hours.

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