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UPDATED: End of year activities – recommendation

June 22, 2020 at 1:30 pm

UPDATED: End of year activities – recommendation

The MUT received information that some colleges are pressing schools to organise end of scholastic year online activities. Whilst the MUT agrees in principle about ways to close the scholastic year, such activities cannot be enforced and participating educators must be in agreement about them. The MUT notes that all such live or recorded activities may potentially be published outside the platforms used and may be shared beyond intended audiences. The MUT reaffirms that educators cannot be pressured to participate in such activities and advises schools to evaluate well the intended activity prior to its issue.

UPDATE: The MUT would like to make it clear that educators are not obliged to have, or participate in, any such activities, physically present or online. Apart from this, it might be obvious but has to be re-iterated that after the scholastic year is over and after working hours, educators are not obliged to participate in school activities, get togethers, sessions, meetings and/or compulsory training. Any pressure needs to be reported to the MUT at once.

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