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Educators pay for UPE’s blunder

March 3, 2023 at 9:48 am

Educators pay for UPE’s blunder

Much has been said about the situation at ITS which led to disciplinary actions against educators, resulting in two of them being terminated following disciplinary procedures.  The MUT shall not be commenting on the case, but rather on what other educators endured after refusing to adhere to UPE’s instructions. Educators who stopped following directives of UPE after obtaining independent legal advice received a slap, from the same UPE which was supposed to be protecting them. The legal advice stated that the position of UPE in issuing collective directives was untenable and led to the decision of these educators to question these directives. Rather than tangible answers, educators were left alone in facing the ordeal created by the same UPE. ‘Sopra corna bastonate’ they received a hefty bill for legal aid from UPE. The MUT has seen the bills received by educators amounting to hundreds of Euro claiming legal aid that was never provided to educators. UPE has also not represented them in the disciplinary proceedings and they had to seek their personal legal aid to represent them. It is yet another case where educators are being used for UPE’s agenda and then they are made to pay for UPE’s blunders.

MUT members are well aware that they were never subject to disciplinary actions owing to MUT’s directives, never had to fork out money for legal assistance provided by the union and never lost their job through union incompetence.

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