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Bullying at the workplace spikes – raises alarm

March 3, 2023 at 9:56 am

Bullying at the workplace spikes – raises alarm

During the past weeks the MUT was involved in an unprecedented number of serious situations involving workplace bullying. The situations currently being faced by a number of educators and employees in schools and other workplaces is worrying and is raising the alarm of all professionals working in the sector and the MUT. The MUT has repeatedly made claims with respective employers and the Ministry about the worrying situation in workplaces due to the gravity of the bullying being faced by employees and their families.

In the most recent communication with the Education Ministry, the union repeated the claim that employers need to intervene in addressing workplace bullying and must foster a culture of zero tolerance towards bullying. In the absence of actions against bullying, the sector is losing valid and experienced employees who are seeing no other option but to leave their employment, making way for the bullies to seek other targets. The MUT condemns situations where employers consider bullies as employees of higher standing, even by giving them promotions either because they are afraid of them, have political links and power or else to be used as means of ‘control’ of employees.  The MUT reminds members that besides trade-union assistance, the union has a dedicated psychosocial service for members who require dedicated support in facing such situations.

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