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Directives to all Educators regarding COVID-19

February 26, 2020 at 5:17 pm

Directives to all Educators regarding COVID-19

Following yesterday’s communication with the Permanent Secretary and in relation to the PR issued by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health (which can be read HERE), the MUT is hereby issuing these directives on COVID-19 (coronavirus) as follows:

– No homework should be accepted from students who are unwell.

– Members should not participate in any mass gathering activities held indoors including Assemblies, Mass and other indoor functions. UPDATE: The maximum number of persons to be accepted in a meeting is 30 persons.

– Members should not participate in any outings to be held in enclosed spaces.

– All sick students, including those in kindergarten, should be sent home and a certificate certifying that they are fit for school should be produced prior to re-admission.

– All students who returned from any one of the listed countries/regions should not be accepted at school.

– As per usual guidelines issued by the authorities for the prevention of spreading of infectious disease, the MUT is recommending frequent handwashing with soap and the use of sanitizers and alcohol rubs.

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