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Update on consent forms issue by Church schools – directive suspended

April 17, 2020 at 1:50 pm

Update on consent forms issue by Church schools – directive suspended

Following the objection with the Church Secretariat on the consent forms issue, the MUT is please to note that the Secretariat clarified what happened and the issue is now settled. In a circular being issued to Church schools, the Secretariat stated that the issuing and collecting of consent forms is not to be conducted by educators. As an administrative task, it needs to be handled by the SMT supported by the clerical staff as applicable at the respective school. The circular also stated that it had repeatedly been made very clear that weekends and holidays had to be respected, with no communication with educators during such periods other than those regarding the SEC issue as agreed with the MUT in advance.

In view of this, the directive for educators on the said consent forms is being suspended but the MUT shall be vigilant so that there is adherence with the communication issued.

Earlier: (April 16, 2020 at 12:00 pm)
Directive on consent forms being requested in Church schools

The MUT has objected formally with the Church Secretariat regarding new consent forms being requested from parents/guardians to cover online teaching. Educators cannot be expected to carry out any work to collect such consent forms during holiday periods or following this period. To this effect, the MUT is directing all educators to ignore instructions from schools regarding any work on the said consent forms.

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