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Degrees leading to LSE3

May 23, 2019 at 12:27 pm

Degrees leading to LSE3

The Malta Union of Teachers received several queries regarding level 6 degrees being offered leading to the post of LSE3. After it enquired with the respective local authorities, the union would like to notify about the following:

– Simply by stating that a degree is at level 6, does not mean that it is the recognised qualification leading to the LES3 post.
– The level 6 degree offered must be comparable in terms of study units and level of qualification to the qualification leading to the LSE3 post.

In the past years there were instances where applicants were misled or misinformed about the comparability of qualifications, which resulted in further top-ups, additional financial burdens and longer courses. The MUT does not have any interest in an any institution providing courses but it does not want to damage any institution by declaring that its courses are not comparable or recognised. In view of this the MUT is advising members to seek the following information and to verify the documented information being provided:

1. The course is recognised as a full qualification at level 6 (Degree) by the NCFHE
2. The course content being advertised refers to the same one approved by the NCFHE
3. The course is comparable to the qualification requested by employers for the new post of LSE3
4. No top-ups to the course shall be necessary to ensure comparability.
5. The completion date of the course as advertised refers to the date when the final transcript of the qualification shall be provided.

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