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Issue of teachers’ change in year groups

May 22, 2019 at 2:55 pm

Issue of teachers’ change in year groups

The MUT was in communication with the Directorates after it was informed that a number of schools are changing year groups of teachers after they carried out extensive work to introduce LOs of the respective year groups. The Union stated that this is clear mismanagement, disrespectful and very unfair on teachers who spent months to prepare resources for their respective year groups. It also confirms that work is not appreciated. The MUT stated that it expected the Ministry’s intervention with respective schools to stop this practice at a time of major changes in the education system.

While noted by the Directorates, they stated that College Principals were notified about this to make sure that note unnecessary hardships and displacements are created. Members who have this issue can contact the MUT with information and to get assistance.

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