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Criteria for the new grades of KGE3 and LSE3

July 19, 2018 at 8:30 am

Criteria for the new grades of KGE3 and LSE3

The MUT has been making representations with MEDE to implement the respective sections of the sectoral agreements and issue criteria for the two new grades of KGE3 and LSE3. These criteria are essential to enable interested educators who may already hold the respective qualifications for the new grades to present their request for progression whilst educators who do not have the requested qualifications will be informed about course requirements. Once these are issued interested educators can take informed decisions about any courses which may be followed to obtain the requested qualifications.

Although the MUT is informed that criteria are still being finalised by MEDE, the Union notes that at least two courses at degree level are being advertised by institutions whilst others are in the pipeline. In view of this the Union is pressing for the issue of the said criteria so that courses being advertised are aligned to criteria which shall be established to avoid situations where candidates are misinformed about the validity of respective qualifications. The MUT shall be meeting the major institutions who are/shall be offering such courses to discuss the matter.

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