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World Teachers’ Day 2023 – MUT’s message

October 5, 2023 at 10:15 am

World Teachers’ Day 2023 – MUT’s message

Today 5th October the international community celebrates World Teachers’ Day.

Right now, in Malta during today’s school day:

  1. Ms Sarah has just passed her lunch to nine-year old Joe since he did not have anything to eat during the day
  2. Mr Manuel is mentoring newly recruited educator Mr Kyle and is encouraging him whilst passing him the tricks of the trade towards a successful career
  3. Ten year old Amy has just stopped crying after Ms Maria consoled her for the loss of her nannu
  4. Mr Thomas is following training in life-saving intervention should five-year old Jake have a fit
  5. Ms Joanne has just reported an alleged case of child abuse after thirteen-year old Nathalie confided in her the ordeal she is passing through
  6. Mr Martin is calling the legal guardians of six-year old Dean after noticing his fatigue in reading the interactive whiteboard from his seating place.
  7. Ms Louise is feeding slowly twelve-year old John during lunchtime due to risks of suffocation which could be life-threatening
  8. The legal guardians of seven-year old Nicole are meeting with Ms Ylenia and Mr Frank to devise the Individualised educational programme to be followed during the year
  9. Mr Matthew, Ms Rita and Ms Anna are meeting to discuss how best to make the transition of eight-year old foreign student Emma who is joining the school for the first time.
  10. Fourteen-year old Jonathan has just included his name in the mid-morning club on robotics after listening to Ms Simone speaking passionately about the subject.

Ms Sarah, Mr Manuel, Ms Maria, Mr Thomas, Ms Joanne, Mr Martin, Ms Louise, Ms Ylenia, Mr Frank, Mr Matthew, Ms Rita, Ms Anna, Ms Simone and the thousands of educators in Malta are working hand in hand as one team to provide the best educational experience to students. They work incessantly, often unnoticed to ensure the wellbeing of their students, often at the expense of their individual wellbeing. They discuss, share and act as a united team in the best interest of students. A united team gives the best results and the greatest beneficiaries are the educators themselves and the students. Hence the MUT shall continue to promote the profession as one and undivided and shall resist all attempts to divide the profession.

The theme chosen by UNESCO for this year is “The teachers we need for the education we want: The global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage”. Building on this theme ETUCE is running a Europe-wide campaign entitled “Make Teaching Attractive”. Its affiliated trade unions including MUT have proposed ten key demands to raise the status and attractiveness of the teaching profession. These are found here. 10 key demands – European Trade Union Committee for Education (

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