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Way forward by the MUT following the overwhelming strike of educators

November 27, 2023 at 6:16 pm

Way forward by the MUT following the overwhelming strike of educators

MUT thanks all educators for the manifestation of support shown during the industrial actions carried out during the past weeks and today. The claim of educators to be recognised through improved financial package was amplified today during the one-day strike, which saw educators alongside their sole representative union, MUT, in this nation-wide industrial action. Following the overwhelming participation of 97% of educators in the strike in State Schools and in Church Schools, MUT Officials were called for an informal meeting this afternoon. The informal meeting between the MUT and the Education Ministry discussed the current situation regarding the sectoral agreement with particular emphasis on the divergence between both sides on the financial package and the government’s pledge to provide a substantial increase. A run through of the status of negotiations on the sectoral agreement was carried out, listing the stages of negotiations, the difficulties of the process and possible solutions. The MUT and the Education Ministry identified the priority areas of the discussions and the possible ways to seek common grounds. Both sides agreed upon a scheduled list of meetings to continue negotiations.

Following the informal meeting with the Education Ministry, the MUT Council analysed the situation and decided to temporarily suspend directives in force with effect from Wednesday 29th November to enable further discussions and solutions to the dispute. MUT will attend the new round of discussions starting from this week and shall be reinstating industrial action should discussions fail. The Union shall be meeting members on Tuesday afternoon to provide updates about the situation.  

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