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“Volunteering” at the workplace: an MUT survey

May 18, 2022 at 3:06 pm

“Volunteering” at the workplace: an MUT survey

This survey shall explore some aspects of “volunteering” at the workplace with reference to the education sector. For the purpose of this survey, the term “voluntary work duties” and “volunteering” used throughout refer to duties carried out by the employee for the employer/clients/students/parents which do not fall within the mandatory work duties as provided in the job descriptions/employment contracts.

The MUT is aware that most educators do their best within the limitations of the education system and many of them end up going far beyond what is expected. Through this survey, the union is trying to understand more this phenomenon and the circumstances in which these extra duties are being performed. Apart from answering the questions, please do not hesitate to provide your thoughts about this issue in the last question, which is open-ended.

This survey is completely anonymous and is open to MUT members. Deadline for submission is Friday 27th May 2022 at noon and results shall be published in the next issue of MUT’s publication il-Ħsieb. Thanks for your participation.

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