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Update on vaccinations

February 26, 2021 at 4:39 pm

Update on vaccinations

The MUT held the regular weekly meeting with the health authorities together with State, Church and Independent schools. The union raised the most recent issues that have been reported and which include the following:

– Some educators and school personnel have received appointments for vaccinations in centres which are far away from their schools or residences. They may not be able to attend unless they absent themselves from school. It was confirmed that in these occurrences, educators and school personnel who received such appointments are requested to email or else they call 145.

– The union raised a situation, which is still being reported, that some schools are not receiving information about positive cases and hence the contact tracing procedure is not initiated. The union reminded about the agreed procedure that positive cases in schools have to pass through the schools contact tracing structures so that there is no need to rely on information from students or parents.

– The MUT has requested that the vaccination is carried out in parallel in all sectors. It requested specifically that primary, middle and secondary schools are vaccinated in parallel. The health authorities and ministry agreed to carry out the process as requested.

– The union also raised the logistical issues, which were faced by education and school personnel, who were given appointments at the same time, leading to queues. The health authorities agreed to follow the situation.

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