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Update on the new Gozo school

April 1, 2016 at 3:25 pm

Update on the new Gozo school

The MUT wrote to the Minister for Education and Employment in relation to the school being built in Gozo. The Union had originally suggested the old Secondary School as an ideal site, but will not go into the decision of the choice of site. The Union, however, stressed that the new building needs to take into consideration health, safety and security especially since apparently a multi-storey general-use car park seems to be on the cards.

In a reply, the Minister agreed and promised that security in the car park will be taken care of. Also, the Minister stated that with regards to the old Secondary School site, this was the first one inspected but it was not large enough because on the eve of the last election half of it was demolished. Ideally, the Minister concluded, there would have been a complete education village from childcare to 6th Form but haphazard work on the eve of the election ruined everything.

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