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Update on directive to Education Officers

June 23, 2023 at 11:41 am

Update on directive to Education Officers

The MUT refers to the directive reproduced below and issued in 2018 which is still in force. The MUT and the Education Ministry are currently holding discussions on the participation of EOs in selection boards. EOs shall be updated following the outcome of these discussions.

The MUT excludes that there shall be a solution regarding the participation of EOs in tender boards.

Directive: The Malta Union of Teachers is hereby directing EOs at State Schools not to participate in boards. The Union had to resort to this directive to protect its members after EOs sitting on boards are being held responsible for shortcomings in the processes and procedures which ultimately do not fall within their remit. The Union cannot accept situations where Education Officers are risking even their employment in such situations. Members are also being requested to report any undue pressure to the Union.

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