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Update on Circular DCLE09/2020 following queries

May 6, 2020 at 5:02 pm

Update on Circular DCLE09/2020 following queries

The MUT is issuing these points to clarify matters related to DCLE09/2020 (“Developing online teaching and learning further” issued by the Ministry for Education and Employment) following queries from members:

– Please make sure to read the circular issued with official directions and to ignore interpretations, particularly those suggesting additional work not requested in the circular. For easy access, it is being reproduced HERE.

– The circular explicitly states that the scheme and record of work to be sent should be in the format educators have always used, just adapted to the present circumstances and indicating the online medium used. Do not include a lot of detail and do not start any documents from scratch. Just amend what you already have to give an indication of what is going to and has been covered.

– Please also note that for June the schemes and amount of work should be proportional to the usual school hours during half-days.

– Throughout the task force meetings the MUT objected to a number of ideas that would have increased drastically the workload of educators, including the submission of timetables, lesson plans or other documentation. None were included in the circular so please refrain from sending anything such as lesson plans, resources or handouts. The same about methods and why a particular medium was chosen by different educators, who as professionals should be able to choose their best ways as stated many times.

– Everyone is aware of the very exceptional situation and that not being in the classroom many things are outside of the educator’s control. These include interaction with students, since we know that the response of many students is lacking. The MUT therefore made sure that the circular states that “This is not being carried out to scrutinise further the work of educators” and will not be tolerating any scrutinisation if it happens. Any members who still feel they are being scutinised should contact the MUT through the usual channels.

– The MUT emphasizes that this exercise is being carried out to be able to build a clear picture of the online teaching which is taking place, particularly the extent to which the various syllabi are being covered. This will enable work to be done to start looking at the coming scholastic year and the impact the present situation will have on teaching and learning then.

The MUT is aware of the amount of good work educators are doing and is in constant communication with many on a daily basis. Let us stand together and help each other at this difficult time.

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