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Update following meeting on the re-opening of schools after the Christmas recess

December 31, 2021 at 3:18 pm

Update following meeting on the re-opening of schools after the Christmas recess

This morning, the MUT participated in a four-hour meeting about the current situation of the pandemic, its effect on schools re-opening and related matters. This meeting was held between the MUT, the Minister for Education and Sports Dr Clifton Grima, Superintendent of Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci and representatives of State, Church and Independent schools.

In this meeting, the MUT reiterated that it shall be difficult for schools to operate during the next weeks due to the current pandemic status. The main concern of all was the immediate days following New Years’ festivities and the impact of the immediate reopening from Monday 3rd January.

A compromise was sought and all schools, including post-secondary, will be starting online whilst re-opening physically on Monday 10th January 2022. During the days when schools are open online, the school management shall assess the situation with regards to the number of personnel on quarantine or sick leave. When a school management deems that the school, classroom or group cannot be attended to due to insufficient personnel, the school, classroom or group will be required to remain home until the school has the required capacity to operate.

The union also discussed the issue of replacements to maintain protocols and shielding of pregnant educators. Discussions on these are still ongoing.

The MUT shall be following the situation closely and shall direct educators as applicable.

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