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Training Sessions in IT and Online Teaching

May 19, 2020 at 4:08 pm

Training Sessions in IT and Online Teaching

The MUT is receiving numerous reports from educators who are being expected to attend training sessions on Teams in IT and online teaching. The MUT would like to remind members that participation in these training sessions is voluntary. Moreover, educators should feel under no obligation to adopt the strategies/skills taught during these sessions. Any pressure should be reported to the union using the usual channels.

UPDATE: Following feedback from members, the MUT would like stress the importance of training and good practice. The Union in fact has always been at the forefront to encourage new initiatives, whether it is formal professional development or otherwise. The profession only stands to gain from such initiatives. The issue mentioned above, however, is related to voluntary training and adoption of strategies being made compulsory without any agreement, which would effectively change the conditions of work.

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