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Supply LSA cohort Misinformation on Indefinite Status

August 26, 2016 at 4:36 pm

Supply LSA cohort Misinformation on Indefinite Status

The MUT wrote to the DGs at the Ministry for Education and Employment as it is highly concerned after a good number of LSAs who joined the service 3 years ago (starting their 4th year in September) are reporting that when they first joined they have apparently been told by someone in the directorates who was responsible for their contracts that after 4 years they are given an indefinite contract, without mentioning the need of completing the 10+20 week course. This person, whoever it was, assured all the LSAs that after 4 years they would have an indefinite status and wage increments. Moreover nowhere in their contracts or any letters of appointment was this clarified. The Union stated that now, after three years, people are starting to realise that they were misinformed. This is very unfair on people who might have made plans on loans or on personal commitments and who have banked on increments and stability they were told about.

In this light, the Union asked the DGs offices to look into the matter with urgency, give the correct information to all employees very urgently, and investigate whoever it was who stated such misconceptions and take the necessary actions. It is the duty of every employer to make things clear with all new employees and in this case the resulting duty was much worse than not carried out.

In a reply, the DG Operations stated that, following an internal consultation, no such information was ever given and that correct information was always provided to Supply LSAs.

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