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Sectoral Agreement Vote and Meetings – Communication from the MUT Council

May 24, 2024 at 5:23 pm

Sectoral Agreement Vote and Meetings – Communication from the MUT Council

Following the conclusion of negotiations with the government, the MUT Council has unanimously approved the agreement and  is pleased to announce the process leading the conclusion of the Sectoral Agreement. MUT paid-up members whose grades are included in this agreement and who are in employment in state schools or in church schools are being invited to register to participate in the online vote on the agreement. Only members who register for the vote within the stipulated timeframe and who meet the criteria stipulated earlier shall be eligible to vote on the agreement. 

The MUT is also inviting members to register to attend the face-to-face meeting whereby MUT shall present the agreement to members. The meeting shall be held on Thursday 30th May at 4.00pm. Attendance to this meeting is on a first come first served basis due to the capacity of the meeting venue. The venue shall be announced later. A meeting is also planned in Gozo.

Please follow the link to access the registration form. The deadline is Wednesday 29th May at 9.00am. No registrations for the vote or meeting can be made after the deadline.

The MUT shall also hold online meetings with members and shall be making arrangements so that members may view the agreement by appointment. These shall be announced in a separate communication in the coming days.

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