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Right of reply

February 5, 2024 at 1:01 pm

Right of reply

Th following is a right of reply sent to Maltatoday on Sunday 4th February for their article issued on the same day.

Nothing is agreed upon until everything is agreed upon. This is the basic rule of negotiations and is the reason why one cannot disclose sections of an agreement until the whole agreement is concluded. It applies also to the financial package which is tied with conditions of work. The package remains unconfirmed until the last condition of work is agreed upon, which may also bring a change in the financials.

The proposals for the sectoral agreement being negotiated including the financials are exactly what members have been requesting throughout the consultation sessions held by MUT over a span of months. MUT has been consistent in the updates issued to members. It has repeatedly stated that the agreement shall be made available to members once negotiations are concluded. MUT members shall vote on the agreement. The Union has resorted to the industrial action route last November due to a stalled position in the financials.  Things have been moving forward following the directives and strike. As announced by MUT, a clear timeline to conclude the agreement has been established.

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