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Press Release: New ITS Premises

May 23, 2016 at 1:38 pm

Press Release: New ITS Premises

The Malta Union of Teachers would like to clarify that, unlike what was reported in a particular Sunday paper, the meeting held by the Union at the ITS was about the proposals for a new collective agreement and was unrelated to the ITS relocation. During the meeting there was only one person who raised this issue and the Union officials explained that changing of school premises and sale of current premises was not an issue related to trade union affairs, but a government (being the owner) prerogative. The Union would only oppose such a move if it constituted a breach on the collective agreement and/or industrial law. The Union did, however, submit its proposals on the issue by way of its duty towards the development of education and professionalism, which proposals included a total redevelopment of the ITS section at Martin Luther King Centre.

The Union therefore asks all stakeholders to refrain from using it or its members in any political / partisan controversies over which it and/or its members have no control.

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