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Press Release: MUT Announces 2017-2020 Council Officials

July 4, 2017 at 4:38 pm

Press Release: MUT Announces 2017-2020 Council Officials

Following an MUT Council meeting held yesterday, officials for the 2017-2020 Council have now been appointed. These are as follows:

President: Mr. Marco Bonnici
Senior Vice President: Mr. Norman Grech
Vice President: Ms. Elaine Germani
Treasurer: Ms. Rosemarie Mifsud
International Secretary: Mr. Anthony Casaru
Assistant General Secretary: Ms. Tracy Spiteri Staines
Gender Officer: Ms. Claudette Mintoff
Vocational Officer: Mr. Ted Darmanin
Youth Officer: Mr. Graham Sansone
IT Officer: Ms. Lorna Schembri
Membership Officer and Organizer: Ms. Carmen Dimech
Retired Members Officer: Ms. Marlene Housley
Research Officer: Mr. Randall Cilia

The other Council Members elected for this term are: Fr. Jose Debono, Christopher Vella, Mary Grace Gerada, Christine Gauci, Dunstan Hamilton, Melanie Olivari Saliba, Rita Catania, George Debono, David Rossi, Mary Rose Cefai, Sharon Darmanin, Darren Agius and Anthony Caruana. The full election results can be downloaded here. The only official still to be announced is the General Secretary, which shall go through a call for applications as stipulated in the MUT Statute.

The MUT wishes to thank the MUT Elections Board, external auditors Erremme Business Advisors and laywer Dr. Michael Tanti Dougall for all the work in relation to the elections. The MUT also thanks outgoing President Mr. Kevin Bonello, outgoing General Secretary Mr. Franklin Barbara and outgoing Treasurer Mr. James Sultana for their years of service to the Union.

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