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Note on Teaching Load in case of Medical Conditions in State Institutions

November 17, 2015 at 3:30 pm

Note on Teaching Load in case of Medical Conditions in State Institutions

Dear Members,

The MUT is often involved in helping members that develop a serious medical condition which affects their functionality on the work place. Such conditions may be varying in both degree and nature and may range from psychological ailments to physical and/or neurological. Unfortunately throughout each calendar year we meet a significant number of persons with a range of medical conditions. Some of these persons have conditions that might be reversed and cured, albeit slowly and with a huge amount of care. Unfortunately, however, there are also a number of colleagues among us who have irreversible conditions, with some being even terminal.

The MUT takes extra care to ensure that the cases referred to it for support and help are genuine and properly certified by consultants and in most cases the Union makes a case, or helps the individual to make a case, for a light load or in more severe cases alternative duties. In all cases the medical diagnosis is also double checked and re-certified by the Government’s medical board.

The Union is therefore appealing to all its members to understand why some persons may have a lighter load. In some cases the medical conditions are not visibly manifest and the person affected might not show any obvious signs. In these cases, however, the pain for the person is most likely to be double because not only the person might be suffering silently but also because the other colleagues would raise doubts and suspicions.

We are therefore appealing for your understanding and tolerance. We are aware that the vast majority of you are already very supportive of such persons and we ask you to help pass the message around to eradicate suffering inflicted on such persons as a result of doubt and suspicion. In any case any member may query with the Union and/or the Authorities if s/he thinks there is an abusive case in his/her school.

MUT Central Administration

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