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Not all Classrooms have Hand Sanitizers

March 11, 2020 at 9:09 am

Not all Classrooms have Hand Sanitizers

The MUT is in communication with the Minister of Education and the Permanent Secretary after members are feeling insulted when the Ministry is claiming that all classrooms/schools have sanitizers. The MUT stated that reports clearly indicate that MEDE provided only 20 bottles per school. Apart from this, the MUT is informed that the bottles were smaller than the one making the rounds on social media as part of the Ministry PR.

In a reply, the Permanent Secretary stated that sanitizers are scarce and MEDE acquired 2,300 bottles to be distributed one in each classroom. The Ministry also asked the College Principals to buy more but there was a supply issue.

The MUT has been saying for many years that schools should be properly equipped with hygiene supplies including alcohol sanitizers and soap irrespective of the health situation. If they were, the situation at schools would be different.

Photo: the image issued by the Ministry.

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