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MUT registers Trade Dispute with UoM Junior College

November 1, 2016 at 4:01 pm

MUT registers Trade Dispute with UoM Junior College

The MUT wrote to the Principal at the Junior College and the Rector at the University of Malta to register a trade dispute regarding the issue of placing absent lecturers’ names on publicly accessible monitors. The Union stated that it has already remonstrated with the JC authorities that this practice is lending itself to abuse by students, who are putting up the names of absent/sick lecturers on a Facebook page hosted or supported by the Kunsill Studenti Junior College (KSJC) subjecting them to ridicule and victimisation on the same page. Given that the Junior College authorities were not in a position to control this abusive practice and that lecturers’ names are still being published on monitors at the Junior College, the MUT has no alternative but to register a trade-dispute to safeguard its members from abuse.

In this respect, the MUT officially registered a trade-dispute on the issue and also notified the institution that industrial action at the UM Junior College will be announced very soon.

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