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UPDATED: Deployments of Gozitan SMT issue

April 25, 2022 at 8:26 am

UPDATED: Deployments of Gozitan SMT issue

Following reports of a massive deployment exercise affecting SMT in Gozo, and a meeting about the matter which has been scheduled by the College this morning, the MUT objected about this process and a meeting between the union and Ministry is being held. Meanwhile the Ministry suspended the meeting which was organised by the College and also the deployment process. Affected members shall be updated.

Update 12.30pm: Following a meeting held between the MUT and the Ministry, the union has been assured that the deployment process has been stopped. Instead, any deployment shall follow the applicable and established procedures when the employee applies through the dedicated form. The union also objected that the Gozo College was being actively involved in a whole musical chairs exercise. The Ministry acknowledged that deployments can only be handled by respective director at DES.

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