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MUT disappointed with written warning to State Head of School

November 25, 2015 at 4:05 pm

MUT disappointed with written warning to State Head of School

The MUT wrote to the Minister for Education and Employment to express its disappointment after the Directorate for Education Services has issued a written warning – which is also disciplinary action in terms of the Public Service – to a Head of School at the Gozo College. The Union stated that it is disappointed primarily with how a Head of School is being victimised for taking leadership on a minor school issue – which was ultimately solved anyway without any expenditure incurred – rather than following an order to splash school cash without reservation. The MUT would have expected senior officers to applaud any decisions to find alternative solutions before blindly spend public funds. However, it seems that the Directorate’s priority is to expect people to follow instructions without questioning.

Also, the Union stated that, during talks with the Ministry about the sectoral agreement, it has been hearing a lot of nice words and promises about empowerment of Heads of School and decentralisation of schools. However, evidence like this instance shows that the situation cannot be any more different than this. Such farcical episodes in fact continue to confirm that the Union is right in being very cautious on what to make of the very glittery facade being presented.

In conclusion, the MUT asked the Minister to immediately look into this case, cancel the warning accordingly and take action against whoever is preventing Heads of School from being proactive leaders.

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