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MUT declares trade dispute with the Dominican Order in Malta

July 27, 2022 at 9:34 am

MUT declares trade dispute with the Dominican Order in Malta

MUT supports pacific protest of educators and learning community of Saint Albert the Great College

In a supportive action towards the spontaneous protest of educators and parents, who gathered in front of St Albert the Great College in Valletta, the MUT is affirming the following:

The MUT has communicated with the Provincial of the Dominican Order in Malta, responsible for Saint Albert the Great College, following the dismissal of the Head of School, Mr Mario Mallia. The union condemns the draconian tactics adopted by the pseudo-board, set up by the Rector P. Aaron Zahra within the same Dominican Order, as an oppressive vehicle to fire Mr Mallia, the Head of St Albert the Great College. The MUT stands with Mr Mallia, a most respected educator who has been leading the school for the past sixteen years.

Upon hearing that members of staff and parents were gathering to organise a pacific protest, the same Rector, through the pseudo-board, sent three legal letters to members of staff to intimidate them and to stop the spontaneous initiative being taken by those supporting the cause. St Albert the Great College is a leading educational institution that deserves leadership with a strong educational leadership background and a forward looking vision.

It is to this effect that the MUT deems that the Rector, who is not a warranted educator, cannot assume the headship role of the school as announced by him in a letter sent to parents. The MUT also questions the pseudo-board and its doubtful composition, whereby the same Rector has an appointing role in terms of board members, an executive role in terms of the executive termination of a Head of School and at the same time, without having the required qualifications. he has imposed himself as the new Head of School with the supposed blessing of the same pseudo-board. The MUT considers that the Rector and the pseudo-board are not able to lead an educational institution through their actions, one of which was the termination of Mr Mallia. The MUT is declaring its mistrust in the Rector and all board members and is requesting their resignation or removal from office.

In a separate communication with the Secretariat for Catholic Education, the MUT has declared a trade dispute with the Dominican Order in Malta responsible for St Albert the Great College. The Union is issuing directives to members today.

The MUT is also reproducing an open letter by staff of the school – click HERE to read.

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