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MUT conference on VET and MATSEC: update and presentations

November 26, 2015 at 1:30 pm

MUT conference on VET and MATSEC: update and presentations

On Saturday 21st November 2015 the MUT held its annual National conference, which this year had the topic “Vocational Education in and beyond Secondary Schools”. The following are links to the presentations held during the day.

IMG_9600– “Improving apprenticeship: Why it is a priority?”, by Ms. Agnes Roman, Advisor and Expert, ETUC / ETUCE

“The Removal of Trade Schools: was it a good idea?”, by Prof. Ronald Sultana, Professor Education Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Malta

“Survey: VET in Secondary Schools: is this enough? Is it working?”, by Mr. Marco Bonnici, Senior Vice President, MUT

“LOF and NCF, Where are we standing? Where are we heading?”, by Mr. Ian Mifsud, Director General, Directorate for Quality Standards in Education

“MATSEC reforms, what is in the pipeline?”, by Prof. Frank J. Ventura, Chairman, MATSEC

“Survey: MATSEC – What do teachers think of the current MATSEC system?”, by Mr. Norman Grech, Vice President, MUT

“SEC Vocational Subjects: Introduction, Implementation, and Results”, by Mr. Gilbert J. Zahra, Principal Subject Area Officer (Assessment Research and Development), MATSEC Support Unit







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