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MUT condemns scaremongering and deceitful tactics

January 9, 2021 at 4:20 pm

MUT condemns scaremongering and deceitful tactics

The MUT denies the claim that the situation affected the autonomy of Church and independent schools so much so that the same representatives of the two sectors participated throughout all discussions. They surely would have not accepted to lose their respective autonomy at any point during the discussions. The MUT also denies that the situation shall affect online teaching, or the models adopted by respective church and independent schools, and this shall be confirmed when schools reopen with the same models adopted before the holiday periods.

The MUT also denies any claims of wrongdoings with respect to procedures. The MUT has followed all procedures as applicable by the respective legislation. There was no legal contestation by the government or any employer about the procedures followed. The MUT reminds instead that members of a minority union could only strike according to legislation since the strike was ordered by the recognised union in the sector, which is the MUT. The MUT is duty bound to cover all educators who follow industrial actions as it did during the past days.

Lastly, the MUT is still closely monitoring the situation with authorities and shall continue to support educators and schools to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic and shall take all the actions required.

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