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MUT asks for investigation of school break-in

June 24, 2016 at 12:35 pm

MUT asks for investigation of school break-in

The MUT wrote to the Permanent Secretary at MEDE after receiving a number of reports from members at a particular School in relation to what appears to be a number of break-ins that the school has suffered. It also appears that items were stolen from the school while a number of items that are potentially dangerous have been apparently vandalised and/or mishandled. The MUT has no information about whether the school administration contacted the police or not, but MUT members have not seen any police in the premises.

The MUT asked the Ministry to investigate with urgency and to ask the police to look into the matter. Members have reported that the situation they have found at the school is one which is causing fear. The situation is one where people cannot be sure, for example, if gas outlets in labs have been manipulated. More information will be reported as soon as it reached the MUT.

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