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MCAST Institute Director Call has different requisites

August 31, 2015 at 9:00 am

MCAST Institute Director Call has different requisites

The MUT wrote to the MCAST Principal after it received information that a call for application for an institute director has different requisites from other similar institute director calls. Also, contrary to the norm, the call was issued externally without being issued internally. The Union stated that the Principal is aware that objections have already been raised in the past on how things are conducted within this institute and asked him to explain if information related to this call is true or otherwise.

UPDATE: In reply to this, the MCAST Principal insisted that it is completely not the case as the call is exactly the same as those MCAST has issued for Institute Directors during the last weeks, five in all. He added that in all cases the call for Institute Directors was issued both internally and externally.

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