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Mass re-deployment of Complementary Teachers in Gozo

September 23, 2016 at 3:27 pm

Mass re-deployment of Complementary Teachers in Gozo

The MUT wrote to the Director for Education Resources at the DES as it is informed that yesterday a meeting was held for all complementary teachers in Gozo wherein they were informed that a whole reshuffle would be taking place. In the meeting, complementary teachers were asked to “start packing their things” and leave to the new placement forthwith. This without an official deployment notice being issued in their regard. The Union stated that it believes that when such reshuffles are intended it should be at the very least consulted and provided with an explanation for such an exercise. MUT members are rightly querying the reason behind this reshuffle but the Union is not in a position to give any explanation.

In light of the circumstances, the Union stated that it has no alternative but to protest at the way this exercise is being handled. The MUT notes that this is the third occurrence of mass deployment in the Gozo College. The scenario does not augur well for stability in schools and well being of all stakeholders involved.

The Union is therefore directing the complementary teachers concerned not to move to the new placement unless this is officially issued in writing via e-mail or ordinary post.

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