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LOF in Church Schools: an update

January 13, 2016 at 4:00 pm

LOF in Church Schools: an update

Following correspondence with the Director for Educational Services in Church Schools on LOF, the Director replied stating that at a previous meeting the HODs were asked whether they would like the Train the Trainer participants to share their experience and that there was general consensus that this would be a good idea. Also, the Director stated that the topics were chosen freely by the participants on the basis of what had impacted their professional learning most profoundly and thus in a spirit of collegiality (a distinguishing feature which marks the Secretariat staff) felt they should share. This was done in the hope that the presentations and ensuing discussions would, most of all, inform more and consequently motivate colleagues to read/research further and thus enhance their professional learning which is of course ongoing both as teachers and moreover as educational leaders. The Director stated that the Secretariat believes in the rich and diverse professional capital of its Heads of Department and in their continuing professional development through sharing of resources, good practice and creative leadership ideas. This is one of the salient ways in which our members of staff can develop as professional leaders especially in the context of Catholic Church schools, with their particular vision and ethos.

The Director also stated that at no point were Heads of Department instructed or even encouraged to share the material with the teachers they support in schools. For the time being, the goal of the Secretariat is for its personnel to strengthen its competence in learning outcomes philosophy and pedagogy. The Director also stated that she is very pleased to say that several Heads of Department already expressed enthusiasm to learn more about the topics from the Train the Trainer participants and have requested material. This was of course sent to all the HODs as is their policy not to be exclusive in the sharing of resources.

Meanwhile the MUT is awaiting feedback on the outcome of a meeting requested by the Union between the Secretariat and HODs.

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