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Limited Access to reach place of work at Naxxar

December 17, 2015 at 2:50 pm

Limited Access to reach place of work at Naxxar

The MUT wrote to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure to bring to his attention an urgent issue following attempts, without any results, to tackle the matter with the Naxxar Local Council as advised by the Ministry for Education. The issue is that educators at the Higher Secondary, the St Nicholas Secondary Naxxar, the Maria Regina Secondary Naxxar, the Naxxar Learning Centre and MCAST reported that the hill leading to the school (next to the Lija cemetery) has been limited to school transport before school opening times and all educators are being stopped from passing. With no other option, the Union is requesting that teachers and other employees of the schools are allowed to use this road. The Union, who also received reports that residents are being allowed to pass whereas educators are being stopped, asked the Minister to look into the matter.

In a reply, the Minister informed the Union that this matter is being discussed and will get back with any developments.

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